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The farmer has long stood as an icon of American fortitude—laboring tirelessly in difficult conditions for long hours and slim profit margins. . Scattered across rolling hills and flat plains, hundreds of thousands of farmers work long, arduous hours to cultivate this country. There is nothing romantic about this reality. Long periods of isolation, lack of access to resources, physical demands, and access to fatal means have led to agony in American agriculture. Recent research has revealed that the American farmer is more than twice as likely to commit suicide than any other occupation in our country. There is a problem on our plains, and nobody seems to notice.

Through breathtaking cinematography and sobering research, this documentary short will explore the oft unspoken issue of mental health in America through the lens of our most at-risk population — the American farmer.

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This is more than just a film. It's a national campaign to look at mental health in America through the lens of our most at-risk population - the American farmer. We're building a network of partners across the country who will host screenings, share the film, and ignite local conversations. Together with their partnership and a national film festival circuit, our award worthy short form documentary will reach millions of viewers to catalyze conversation all across our country.

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The best stories don’t wait around to be told. We’re running with this and we want you to join us on this journey.
If your organization wants to partner to produce this film don’t wait another second. Shoot us an email.

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